Medical Weight Loss Program

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Medical Weight Loss Program

First Line Therapy is a a Medical Weight Loss lifestyle plan that produces incredible results with achieving weight loss, reducing cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and optimizing overall health. Whether the patient needs to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds the benefits to First Line Therapy are endless. The process is simple... book an appointment with Dr Cobi for some initial testing, measurements and a consultation. The First Line Therapy nutritional program will be explained in great detail with a customized plan to take home. In-office Bio Impedance Analysis testing every 4 weeks along the way ensures that proper weight loss is occurring. By entrusting a Dr-monitored program you can ensure that your weight loss journey will be safe and longlasting.






Essential Health is dedicated to providing professional, safe and effective complementary health care through the use of research and evidence based on natural medicine therapies.



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